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How did you get started writing for kids?
It never occurred to me that I might try writing my own stories until I was in high school, where I had encouragement from an English teacher who saw promise in my work. Being the late bloomer that I am, it was many years after that before I even considered trying to get published and by then I’d had a child and had fallen in love with children’s books all over again. I knew that stories for children were what I wanted to write.

Where do you live?
I live in Illinois. I have also lived in Ottawa, Ontario; Frankenmuth, Michigan, a small town in the crook of Michigan’s “thumb;” Mount Pleasant, Michigan; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Okemos and Lansing, Michigan; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Palatine, Illinois; Oak Park, Illinois; and Mokena, Illinois. Incidentally, I was born in Defiance! . . . Defiance, Ohio.

Here's me, muddy, age three

Here’s me, muddy, age three

Gosh, that’s a lot of places. You must be hundreds of years old, right?
Well, I was born in 1962. And I’ve moved a lot.

Do you have a partner?
I’ve been married to my husband, Ralph, for almost 30 years!

Do you have any children?
Yes, I have one of those, a very smart and handsome son named Nikolai. He’s a grown-up now and he lives in Illinois.

Do you have any pets?
Besides worms, you mean? Yes, I have four cats. Their names are Pickwick, Mephistopheles, Tippi, and Talia.

Can you whistle like Cece Maloney? Um, no. I mean, I can whistle, but I’m always out of tune.

Pretending to be a ham radio operator (I still don't have a transmitter or receiver)

Pretending to be a ham radio operator (I still don’t have a transmitter or receiver)

Do you have a worm farm?
I sure do! It’s not acres and acres, mind you, but it’s a plastic bin in my basement, and I feed my worms kitchen scraps, just like Winnie Finn.

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5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Brianna Nelson says:

    I am doing a biography about you for a school project.. I have a few questions that I would like to ask you, please email me back when you can. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Carol Brendler says:

    Cool! I replied before, but I think it might’ve gone through my other email address and maybe you didn’t get it. If it’s not too late, I am happy to answer questions!!

    Carol B.

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