Worst. Traffic. Ever.


Mom and Daddy, Pip and Peach

Where in the world is the traffic the worst?
In Brussels the roadways are ready
to burst.
The streets in Seattle are pretty full, too.
How is the traffic in cities near you?

There is (spoiler alert) a HUGE traffic jam in the middle of The Pickwicks’ Picnic, which had me wondering where the worst places for road miseries are across the globe.


Mexico City

The GPS people at TomTom keep track of traffic congestion and maintain a list of the metropolitan areas around the world that suffer the most. My city makes the list at #108. The #1 city might just surprise you though (Hint: It’s not Los
Angeles). Have a look.

The Pickwicks' Picnic

Cover, The Pickwicks’ Picnic, illustrated by Renee Kurilla

Dyeing Textiles–with Earthworms

Today’s Earthworm Moment is brought to you by NPR, India, and the traditional art of “ajrakh.” See Worms Land a Great Job Working with Gorgeous Indian Textiles to read more about how the lowly worm is helping to clean and filter toxic wastewater left over from making these beautiful block-printed fabrics so it can be reused. Sometimes the answer to tough problems is right in your own backyard.

More about the fascinating process of Ajrakh printing here.