Radio Girl

Radio Girl Cover Image

Radio Girl by Carol Brendler
Holiday House, 2013
A novel for middle graders
ISBNs: 0823428613, 9780823428618

Now available!

Radio Girl, the story of fourteen-year-old Cece, who lives in Newark in 1938 and wants nothing more than to be a radio star, preferably alongside her crush, Orson Welles. Steeped in the glitzy world of broadcast radio, this is a story that captures late ’30s-era New Jersey and New York to a T. The novel culminates with Orson Welles’s infamous “War of the Worlds” broadcast, which sparked a rush of panic across New Jersey—an event which was also experienced firsthand by Carol’s father-in-law, making this particular book extra special. Published by Holiday House in 2013 (the 75th anniversary of the Welles broadcast!).

See! Read! Print! Share! Here’s the Educator Guide prepared by Holiday House


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