Grover’s Mill, New Jersey!

The marker is bigger than I thought!

The marker is bigger than I thought!

Grover’s Mill! Yeah, I went there, 75 years later. There’s a park and a plaque, and signs along a path with background info about Orson Welles and the panic broadcast of 1938, all on the exact spot where the Martians were said to have landed!

Grovers Pond is adjacent.

Grovers Pond is adjacent.



The War of the Worlds–Seventy-five Years Later

The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) has produced a show about that fateful night when young actor/director Orson Welles’s radio production of H.G. Wells’s The War of the Worlds sent so many people into a panic. AND IT’S ON TONIGHT AT 9:00pm, or 8:00pm Central where I live!

worlds_film_landing-nologo.jpgWill you watch with me?

Here’s a very tiny snip:

Should I point out that the actual anniversary is tomorrow, not today? Nah.

Launch Day: the Movie

Hot off the cutting room floor! Here’s the video of launch day for Radio Girl, including must-see clips of folks whistling “like canaries.”

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