Greg Pizzoli, the (Beyond Fantastic) Illustrator of Not Very Scary

"Pin the Drool on the Ghoul," an illustration from NOT VERY SCARY (FSG, 2014)

“Pin the Drool on the Ghoul,” an illustration from NOT VERY SCARY (FSG, 2014)

Not to be missed, this post by Greg Pizzoli (especially if you like to learn about how a book illustrator makes it all come together–and has some fun with inside jokes in the process)! Illustrator Greg Pizzoli’s article on the making of Not Very Scary. Here’s a snippet:

In a way the whole look of the book felt like my version of a tribute to one of my art heroes, Charles Schulz, and I directly referenced his work from the “A Charlie Brown Christmas” movie …

A Not Very Scary Birthday!

I have long awaited this day, the release of Not Very Scary, illustrated by the incredibly creative Greg Pizzoli (FSG, BYR)!


From the flap copy: “Melly is a brave little monster who is not afraid of anything. She loves surprises, and when her fun-loving cousin invites her over for a big surprise, Melly excitedly sets out for a visit. On her way, she notices skittish skeletons, a coal-black cat, and even ghoulish goblins following her. But Melly is not scared, no she’s not! Well, maybe just a teensy bit . . .”

Next week: a recap of my Saturday with WINNIE FINN at the Illinois State Fair!