For Writers: Craft Talk Tuesday!


An interior shot of the Writing Barn, Austin, Texas

Today I’m blogging over at the Writing Barn blog about a really useful writing device called the objective correlative. If you’re tired of your characters always smiling or gritting their teeth to show their emotions, you’ll want to learn more. Yup.


3 thoughts on “For Writers: Craft Talk Tuesday!

  1. L. Marie says:

    Ah, the objective correlative! Well explained! And so timely, since I have trouble describing emotion in my WiP. I remember many a discussion at VCFA when someone tried to explain the concept, only to face a room of blank faces. Thank you T. S. Eliot!

  2. Carol BrendlerCarol B. says:

    Yeah! It sounds so exalted and enigmatic, but really, it’s just symbolism of a sort. I’m posting as a guest, so this is going to be interesting to see how WordPress identifies me.

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