Orson Welles, the Magician

quote leftEvery true artist must, in his own way, be a magician, a charlatan.quote right~~ Orson Welles

In Radio Girl, Orson Welles does a magic trick for Cecelia. While this scene is a bit of fiction, Mr. Welles actually did enjoy performing magic tricks in real life, and from what I’ve read he was very good at it.


Orson “levitates” actress and comedienne Lucille Ball

He even once began a film project about magic and magicians. Here’s more about that and Orson’s love of magic from an interview in the Film Journal archives.


2 thoughts on “Orson Welles, the Magician

  1. L. Marie says:

    Wow. I did not know that about Orson Welles. My goodness, his talent knew no bounds, I guess. One of my favorites of his films is not Citizen Kane, but The Magnificent Ambersons.

  2. Carol Brendler says:

    I haven’t seen Ambersons yet! My knowledge of Mr. Welles ends in the fall of 1938, but now I suppose I can move on. 😉 I have seen Citizen Kane few times, though.

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