The Genuine Brooklyn Egg Cream

Tom's Restaurant, Brooklyn, NY

Tom’s Restaurant, Brooklyn, NY

I can still taste them. The chocolate egg creams we had at Tom’s in Brooklyn. (View way better photos at that link.) Purported to be the best, the most genuine, in all the land. I was there in December with my LOSH (Long-Suffering Husband) and we met up with my VCFA classmate and friend, the author of YA novel FROST, Marianna Baer! So keen of her to join us.

Anyway. We drank, and it was good. The server was very friendly and even gave us a free vanilla egg cream to share–3 straws! And you know what? I think I might like the vanilla ones even more.

So now I have a baseline for how a true egg cream should taste–and I must say, Chicago’s Eleven Diner gets it right. They’re going to be hard to beat in my Chicagoland search.


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