Dyeing Textiles–with Earthworms

Today’s Earthworm Moment is brought to you by NPR, India, and the traditional art of “ajrakh.” See Worms Land a Great Job Working with Gorgeous Indian Textiles to read more about how the lowly worm is helping to clean and filter toxic wastewater left over from making these beautiful block-printed fabrics so it can be reused. Sometimes the answer to tough problems is right in your own backyard.

More about the fascinating process of Ajrakh printing here.

Illinois Reads!


A bookmark design.

I feel especially honored (and astonished) to learn that Winnie Finn, Worm Farmer will be on the list of books for the 2014 Illinois Reads program! Here’s more about Illinois Reads.

I’ll let you know when the full list is announced.

Photo of CarolCarol Brendler is the author of the young adult novel RADIO GIRL (Holiday House) September 5, 2013.
Coming 2014: A picture book, NOT VERY SCARY, illustrated by Greg Pizzoli, from FSG.
Also by Carol Brendler: WINNIE FINN, WORM FARMER (FSG, 2009) a picture book illustrated by Ard Hoyt.

The Maine Chickadee Award

Looking for worms

Looking for Worms

Winnie Finn, Worm Farmer was one of ten picture books kids read for the Maine Chickadee Award in 2011. Kids in Maine schools heard or read stories chosen by librarians and educators statewide and then voted for their faves. It’s all presented and funded by the Maine Association of School Librarians. What an honor! WFWFShadow

I was invited to tour schools and a library in southeast Maine and talk to hundreds and hundreds of kids about worms and composting. It was great fun, even though lobster was out of season in April. One school served up gummy worm cake for lunchtime dessert. Another school offered a lunch of spaghetti–coincidence?

When I came home, I learned that the students voted for Winnie for 4th place! Here are some of the contenders, from that year and other years.

Worm Crazy kids in Maine!

Worm Crazy kids in Maine!