The Maine Chickadee Award

Looking for worms

Looking for Worms

Winnie Finn, Worm Farmer was one of ten picture books kids read for the Maine Chickadee Award in 2011. Kids in Maine schools heard or read stories chosen by librarians and educators statewide and then voted for their faves. It’s all presented and funded by the Maine Association of School Librarians. What an honor! WFWFShadow

I was invited to tour schools and a library in southeast Maine and talk to hundreds and hundreds of kids about worms and composting. It was great fun, even though lobster was out of season in April. One school served up gummy worm cake for lunchtime dessert. Another school offered a lunch of spaghetti–coincidence?

When I came home, I learned that the students voted for Winnie for 4th place! Here are some of the contenders, from that year and other years.

Worm Crazy kids in Maine!

Worm Crazy kids in Maine!


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